Saturday, December 14, 2013

Oh no he didn't!

My mom sent me this hilarious story about my nephew. I will call him N, for nephew, in this story she wrote about him. My mom is "Gma," since she is his grandma. Here is her story...

My son and his wife dropped off N at my house so I could babysit N. They had fed him so he was all set in the dinner department.  We were having supper and this is what happened next.

N came running into the dining room, bare bottomed, carrying his diaper.

Gma: N, what are you doing?  Why is your diaper off??

N: I went poop!  (I will call it #2 from now on)

Gma:  What? !, You went #2? GIMME THAT DIAPER!!!!!

I quickly took the diaper away from him thinking there was a load in it.

Gma: There's no #2 in this diaper!!  Where is it!!??

N: It's on your rug! (big smile)

I jump up and  look  in the living room but see nothing.

Gma:  There's no #2 in here! (whew)

N:  Look here, Gma, it's behind your chair. (BIG smile)

Gma:  N, what did you do?  That's not where you go potty!!  Come on, let's get another diaper on you.

I take him to the bedroom and start to clean him up.

Gma:  Oh N!  Why is there #2 on your feet??

N:  I moved my poop with my feet!  (grin)

Gma:  Sigh......

So, after a nice shower, PJ's, and a story before bed, AND rug cleanup, things returned to normal.  The End.

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