Wednesday, February 13, 2013

Yoga is great...until the feet come in

A bunch of us at work have been taking a yoga class, which has been much fun. It's crazy how sore we all are afterward. There may be some ideas that yoga is not strenuous but believe me, some of it takes a lot of muscle strength!

I have really enjoyed the class. However, I did have a minor freak out. I really dislike feet. They gross me out, majorly. This is weird, for sure, but I do know the roots of it. During class, I looked over to the side and saw my neighbor's feet. I looked away and ended up seeing someone else's feet and actually felt queasy. It's not as if they had nasty feet; they were just regular feet. Yes, I'm weird, but I really, really don't like feet. I do like yoga very much so I'll have to make sure I avoid looking at the feet.

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