Monday, February 4, 2013

Pimp my...Deutsche Post Fahrrad (bike)??

I was taking a stroll around Kaiserslautern's downtown pedestrian district when I noticed the letter carrier delivering some letters. I did a little staring (tee hee) -- well, no, really, it was a few innocent glances, because I have never seen the German mail (called Deutsche Post) actually being delivered before. I'm always very curious about how daily life goes in a new locale because when one vacations in a place, one often misses out on the little things.

When I rounded the corner, I was in for a real visual treat:

Deutsche Post Fahrrad

Tonight's show: pimp my Fahrrad (bicycle), Deutsche Post Version
Jackpot! I was giggling really hard, imagining the younger guy who had been delivering mail on this bike. It totally does not look like what one would envision him riding.

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