Thursday, February 8, 2018

15 years in...

With the turn of the new year, a crazy realization set in: I've been working in my field as a professional for fifteen years. Whoa! I feel old. Or should I say experienced?

People usually assume that my profession is staid and boring. It's not, and can be full of surprisingly bizarre situations.

For example, no one in grad school told me that I would have to write an email to a vendor as such:

"We received a box of [products you sent us] in very damaged condition; the post office had taped it back together and some [products] inside were damaged. We also believe that some are missing but unfortunately can't tell because the packing slip is gone too.

Strangely enough, there were cans of blood sausage, black licorice, and Hello Kitty pencils in the box! That is totally bizarre and I don't imagine that you sent us them; our guess is that someone else's box fell apart and they didn't know where to put the food items so they included them in the wrapped-up box of our items. So, I am sending you the mailing label on the box. Could you please provide us the packing slip for this box so we can tell you what was missing?"

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