Thursday, November 16, 2017

Mail and the machines of the roadside

On today's episode of Roadside Candy Machines, may I take you to Sippersfeld, for no other reason than randomness?

You can mail a letter in the yellow box, buy a weird bead bracelet or mini soccer ball, or purchase some disgusting looking Bubble King with some sort of weird...growth on the machine containing it.

Num num.


  1. Do you think those red vending machines are still serviced? Would anything come out of there if you stuck in a coin? Or did the company who created those things and stuck them on buildings all over Germany go out of business and just abandon them?

  2. You know, there's a really gnarly one in Kaiserslautern and it's beneath a downspout (WHY someone thought that was a good idea is beyond me) and the candy changes every so often. I even saw some teen girls buying some at times! I think that they were very brave, but then again, folks here aren't as neurotic about germs as Americans are. So, the long answer is: even though the machine looks disgusting, it could be very well still in play!