Wednesday, April 5, 2017

The TV Show that just keeps on giving

I was on German TV a while ago. I thought that no one would see the episode. Hoo-whee, was I wrong. My neighbor's mother recognized me on it. I've only met her one other time.

Even crazier yet is that my friend J said that his parents, who live in another German state, called him to ask if his friend (moi) had recently been on TV.


I have never met his folks before.

I asked him how on earth they knew it was me. His response was that, statistically speaking, it was likely to have been me because of my demographics as well as the idea that Americans don't normally (always) try too hard to integrate here, especially those in the military community.

I'm working on achieving the level of Integrated As Heck, so that can stick out sometimes, it seems.

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