Sunday, March 12, 2017

My week: March 12 ed.

This was a week of studying and practicing German, along with an (unwanted) encounter with real-life speaking skills.

The unwanted encounter was with a German woman and it wasn't my fault and it's been dealt with, so at least there's that. Just about the first thing out of her mouth after the incident was "Where did you learn how to speak such good German?!" I almost started laughing because it was completely absurd; out of all the things she could've said, I wasn't expecting that one. She was also relieved because she doesn't speak the best English.

During the meeting with my tandem partner, she asked me a question from the telc test preparation site: what do you think of pre-nuptial agreements? Well, I can't form an opinion unless I know what the existing legal protections are for Germans, so I had to ask what the divorce rules currently are, whether Germany has an equality-based concept of divorce, etc. I then related it to Michigan laws. 

At the end of this, my friend said that she wasn't sure that's what the testers were looking for because instead of giving my own opinion, I quizzed her on German law and took her on a tour of Michigan law. Haha. I can't help it that I think like a lawyer and can't give an opinion until I know what I'm dealing with. I'll need to get it together for the test though.

I spent several hours during the weekend studying German. I also practiced a bit more in real life during a lovely brunch a colleague hosted. She invited some German neighbors.

About two weeks ago, the weather here started a minute shift from winter into not-so-wintery: the sun peeked out a bit; it started raining like crazy; and it's been warming up. This weekend was glorious, with sunny skies and wam(er) weather. I took a leisurely bike ride along the Lauter and only wore a light sweatshirt. I love spring time.

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