Friday, July 15, 2016

Kaiserslautern gets weird

Can I just say, what the heck, Kaiserslautern? I go away for a month and when I come back you're total verrückt!

I went downtown for dinner earlier this week because I had nothing at home. As I was eating my burrito bowl, two guys were yelling, singing, and blabbing on about "Jesus Christus" as they paced around, agitated. There seemed to be no takers on what they were peddling, and I'm sure that if someone were mildly interested in that info, their delivery method would not encourage anyone.

On the next block, a straight-up neo Nazi, dressed in red and black and Lonsdale (in case there was any question about his affiliation) was carrying around a boom box that was blaring music. Farther down the road, some undercover cops were arresting a migrant. To top it off, a(n American?) guy without a shirt was blabbing "so what that I don't have a shirt on? I look good. Are you going to arrest me? Now I'm talking. So what?" He did have a point; he did look good, but what on earth was going on downtown that all the nutty people were coming out?

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