Wednesday, May 11, 2016

Cuddle your cactus safely

I visited Kakteenland (cactus land) in Steinfeld, near the French border, with a friend and waited patiently while he very carefully picked out some new cacti. I wandered around and came across this gem:

It's literally a "cactus glove." Or, if you want to be even more literal, a "cactus hand shoe." (Don't get me started on the German word for gloves.)

It's meant to be used to safely re-pot a cactus. Apparently cacti don't like to be cuddled ;)

This picture had me, as well as some of my friends, in hysterics of laughter. It was especially funny to the equestrians. These cactus gloves are what we use to bathe horses! Unfortunately, the joke is on the cactus aficionado because the gloves were priced at 15 euros for the pair. I've picked these up for $3 a piece at horse stores. Either way, be smart: always wear cactus protection.

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