Sunday, February 28, 2016

My DW language learning material thought of the day

Warning: this contains spoilers if you use the Deutsche Welle German-learning materials. However, since the point is to learn the language, it's probably not the end of the wold.


Dear Deutsche Welle: thank you for the free language learning materials. They're well-produced and interesting enough. However, what the heck is up with the themes of really weird boy/girlfriends? For example, Jojo sucht not only Glück, but also tried to find the guy who stood her up all the time even though she moved from another country to Germany to date him (and he ended up being a creepy stalker, which strangely enough didn't bother her friends). I'm getting ready to listen to the Warum Nicht podcast and it's about Andreas and his invisible ex. Does he hallucinate? Does she really exist? Or is it just that DW couldn't afford a female narrator too?


Despite these irregularities, DW has some great materials to help German learners and everything is free. Check it out with this link.

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