Thursday, September 17, 2015

My week: September 6 ed.

-I met with my tandem partner and we worked together in my B2 book. I had thought that this class will be too easy since the book appears to repeat what I just learned in B1. Well, it does repeat it, but in a more difficult way. D'oh! I floundered through the first exercise, where I recognized the grammar constructs but still got stuck on part of it. That's what I get for being too cocky!

-I went to a language cafe meeting with a club and wrote about it here.

-I took a trip to Freiburg to visit a new friend, S, who is a researcher there. I had met her in April when she was visiting the TU here in Kaiserslautern. Since I had been keen to visit Freiburg, she invited me and we had a very enjoyable weekend. I even lucked out with a decent deal on train tickets, scoring round-trip tickets with a high speed segment for 45 euros round trip.

S showed me around town and let me help with one of her science experiments. Of course I was thrilled because I also wore a lab coat and felt very official and science-y. I'm awful at math, which by extension ruins science for me, but I enjoy living vicariously through my friends.

On Saturday, her friends picked us up and kindly drove us to Triberg, where we visited the Triberger Wasserfälle (waterfalls), which are some of the highest in Germany. Apparently one is supposed to pay to visit the waterfalls (about 4 euros) but since we arrived in the evening, there was no one to take our tickets. A, who is German, was concerned about not paying for tickets. "What if there is someone at the ticket booth when we come down the hill from the waterfall?" he asked.

"Run!" I said. There was stunned silence as they pondered it, then started laughing because the situation was a bit absurd.

Sunday was a lazy day for us but we revved up a bit and took a trip to the Schauinsland mountain. Despite the directions seeming a bit confusing, it's actually rather easy to get there via public transport.We enjoyed the views from the top of the mountain and saw some nice hiking trails.

I enjoyed the trip very much and look forward to hanging out with my friend again.

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