Saturday, August 29, 2015

Whoa, can I eat this right now?!

I was picking some blackberries today and some gangly, goofy teenage boys wandered by.

"Are those berries?" they asked me.

No, they're basketballs, I wanted to say. However, that would sound mean and I harbored no ill will toward the boys so I told them yes.

Super eager kid climbed into the berry patch and asked me if he could eat some berries, "like now."

I told him that if he was hungry, of course.

He dug in and gave some to his friend. "Whoa, this would make really good lemonade!" he exclaimed.

I tried not to laugh since lemons are what make lemonade and I think he really meant juice. However, to be fair, there is lemonade with other juices added, so why not.

"Thank you, ma'am!" as he left. As if it weren't already apparent, he's a military kid.

The kids cracked me up. You'd think they had never seen wild berries before! To be fair, maybe they haven't. Then I thought of my experience and realized that I've never really paid attention to them before moving here (where they're abundant; thank you Pfälzerwald!) so it's not as if I had really seen any either. I've obsessively researched edible plants in books and online in the last several months and I've learned much since then (with more to go!). We all have to start somewhere and it's fun to see people start to really notice the nature around them.

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