Monday, February 9, 2015

Ich beschwere mich

We had German homework where we must write a letter of complaint to a fictional company because they sent the wrong item. I wished to make the letter more interesting as I can imagine that our teacher must get bored reading these things. Therefore, I wrote the following (after looking up a few words I hadn't encountered before):

Sehr geehrte Damen und Herren in der Snuggi Firma,
Ich habe im Internet einen blauen Bademantel ersteigert. Aber habe ich einen grünen Schlafanzug bekommen. Ich will keinen Schlafanzug! Meine Katze Moo und ich sind sehr wütend.
Wir werden einen Haarball herauswürgen und Ihnen schicken, wenn Sie den richtigen Bademantel nicht senden. Sie haben zwei Wochen, oder Sie werden einen Haarball bekommen. Ich bin ernst.
Mit behaarten Grüße,

Frau Wütend und Moo


The English version: 

Ladies and gentlemen in the Snuggi company,

I bought a blue bathrobe on the Internet. But I got green pajamas. I do not want pajamas! My cat Moo and I are very angry. We will regurgitate a hair ball and send it to you if you do not send the correct bathrobe. You have two weeks or you will get a hairball. I'm serious.

With hairy Regards,

Angry Woman and Moo


  1. Funny, especially when you write that you are a person named Ernst (it is also a male name). What you mean is: Ich meine es ernst.

  2. Hehe. Can you tell that I still have a long way to go on learning German? They got me so mad in the story that I changed my name to Ernst.

  3. I think it is already great that you're trying! As we are told, German isn't easy (not that I am aware of it, it being my first language). It took me forever to get somewhat fluent in English, something I have yet to achieve in French. So: Nicht die Flinte ins Korn werfen! You'll get there.

  4. Some day...and then I'll stop making embarrassing and funny mistakes. At least I didn't ask if someone tasted like milk ;)