Thursday, April 25, 2013

Memory is full; clear cache!

My phone has been hollering at me for quite some time that its memory is full. I will admit: I've been lazy about fixing this because I've been so busy lately. Anything that is not Moo, work, or school isn't really being done in a timely manner for me right now (let's not even talk about the last time I mopped inside my house - though I have been good about cleaning the stairs in the building, which is required).

I half-heartedly deleted some photos off my phone but ignored it beyond that. Well, today my phone finally had enough; it wouldn't load past the manufacturer's logo. I had some panic; after all, I need it this weekend because we're going to be out and about on adventures. I have very little time to try to run back to the store where I bought it, and I wondered if the store would be remotely helpful with the phone. Customer service sometimes gets a bad rap here so I imagined they'd tell me too bad, I had to buy another phone. I don't know if this is logical or not but I was dreading the possibility.

Instead of continuing to fret, I got my act together, stopped panicking over something stupid, and found out online how to reboot the phone. I had to reset a lot of the preferences but it worked. Phew!

I actually wish I could do something like this for my brain ;) There are so many things going on right now with work, school, and travel that my brain is feeling a bit mushy. For example, when I was taking a test for my German test, I forgot some words I had just seen. They flashed right out of my head. Processing all this information seems to be taking so long right now.

If only I could clear my mental cache of information I don't need any more to make room for the new information.

Argh! My brain is on overload! Even this graffiti in an abandoned house near the Heidelberg Project in Detroit agrees.

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