Wednesday, January 11, 2012

He'll take Geography for $5

From Aug 4, 2009
My friend's daughter, C, moved to Alaska with her husband. Apparently it has been an interesting life thus far and she's almost to the point of writing a book about all the odd things that the contiguous US believes about Alaska and vice versa. My friend told me one funny story that C had told her.
Whiles she was in in Alaska, C needed to call the post office in California to get some information. When she called the California office, the very friendly postal worker asked her, "so, how's the weather down there?"
C, thinking she heard things wrong, said, "Excuse me?"
Postal worker: "How's the weather down there?"
C: "You know I'm in Alaska, right?"
PW: "Yes ma'am. Are you having nice weather down there?"
By this point in the story, I'm howling with laughter and I told my friend that the weather is probably just about the same in Alaska as it is in Hawaii or Mexico, because that's obviously where the postal worker is picturing Alaska on the map.
Go ahead, look for yourself. I especially love the representation where Alaska and Hawaii are on top of Mexico. I wonder how Mr. PW explains that one?
The best part of this story is that, if anyone should know his geography, shouldn't it be a postal worker? Can we file that under postal worker fail?

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