Friday, November 4, 2011

Traveling Booking Sites Review

Since 2008, I've used a few different websites to book overseas travel. I first fell into this when I traveled a friend/previous co-worker, K, who had been using the sites for a while and suggested using them. We've only used the sites for hotel and transportation packages. We felt as if we were getting decent deals and avoiding spending copious amounts of our own time by going this route. Sure, we could've really scouted airfares and hotel deals on our own and possibly could've found better deals, but we're both really busy so we appreciate the sites that combine the services for us.

Between the two of us, we've used the following sites, which I'll review. BTW, I get nothing from reviewing them; this is my unbiased opinion, not paid for or endorsed by anyone else (but hey, if they wanted to give me swag, I'd take it - but would disclose that!). Take it as you will.

Gate One Travel is our first pick. Between the two of us, we've used them for at least 5 trips. They have decent prices and their customer service has been good. After one trip, we received a survey about our experiences. We had been moved from two of our hotels during check-in because of water problems the hotels were having, but the hotels booked us a new room and paid for a cab for us to the new hotel. I didn't feel that this was Gate One's fault and felt that the hotels had satisfactorily addressed our concerns, but did mention that it was odd on the survey. They gave me a voucher for money off next time, which I wasn't expecting as we weren't mad about the changes at all. Gate One offers hotel and flight packages, escorted tours, and even some cruise packages. We've used them for trips to Western Europe. The hotels we've stayed at have been basic but the locations were good. I'd say that they were on par with a clean and up-to-date Holiday Inn Express. It's a decent site for semi-budget travelers with options to upgrade.

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